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Choueifat Branch


Discover affordable workspaces at Rural Entrepreneurs’ Coworking, providing access to multiple branches across Choueifat, Aley – Semkanieh, Chouf, and soon in Hasbaya, Marjeioun. Benefit from a network of mentors and professionals, exclusive events, and workshops tailored to your needs. Connect with like-minded startups and NGOs, fostering collaboration and shared missions.

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Discover flexible and affordable fully furnished offices with modern design at Rural Entrepreneurs. Benefit from access to our training facilities in different locations. Unlock opportunities with our pool of mentors and professionals, and engage in tailored events, workshops, and trainings for your team’s professional growth.

Training Rooms

Experience our spacious training rooms designed to accommodate up to 30 people, offering flexible setups and various options to suit your needs. Our fully equipped training rooms come complete with essential amenities. Whether you’re conducting workshops, seminars, or training sessions, our spaces in three different locations are tailored to elevate your experience.