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We offer comprehensive entrepreneurship training programs tailored for aspiring entrepreneurs, equipping them with the requisite skills and knowledge to initiate and manage their own enterprises. Our programs encompass a diverse array of topics, including business planning, financial management, marketing, and sales.

Business Support

We provide comprehensive business support services to startups and Micro/Small and Medium Enterprises (M/SMEs) to help them flourish. Our specialized support, which include coaching and mentoring,  is adept at navigating challenges, seizing opportunities, and fostering enduring success, positioning us as your preeminent gateway to comprehensive assistance for the growth of your business.

Access to Finance &
Networking opportunities

Our professional service empowers individuals and businesses by bridging financial gaps, facilitating connections with valuable resources such as  grants, and investment opportunities offering financial education and assistance, fostering, and collaborative platforms to drive sustained growth and success.

Market Linkages

We facilitate market access for entrepreneurs and deliver training in market research and product development, aiding entrepreneurs in identifying and responding effectively to market demands. We connect entrepreneurs with markets through online platforms, trade shows, and marketing events, thereby supporting them in expanding their customer base and increasing revenue.


We offer a dynamic hub where creativity, collaboration, and innovation converge. Our modern space offers professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs an inspiring environment equipped with top-notch facilities. Join a vibrant community, amplify productivity, and unlock new horizons for your ventures.

Capacity Building and Skills

Rural Entrepreneurs provides professional training programs designed to enhance both technical and soft skills across diverse fields. These programs are meticulously crafted to empower individuals with the requisite skills, enabling them to pursue employment opportunities or establish their own businesses.

Driving Change
Making an Impact

Founded in 2015 to empower youth and enhance their access to opportunities, RE has become one of the most impactful and reliable NGOs in Lebanon. Officially registered as a non-profit organization in 2017, RE has established dynamic, long-term partnerships with esteemed entities such as UN agencies, international donors, major local organizations, and educational institutions. These collaborations have fueled rapid growth, allowing the organization to diversify its programs and services quickly, extend its reach to multiple rural areas, and establish sustainable innovation hubs and community centers.



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Individuals Trained


MSMEs Supported
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Our Coworking

Our coworking spaces in Choueifat, Semkaniyeh, and Hasbaya are designed to cater to the needs of NGOs, startups, and social enterprises. We offer dedicated desks, private offices, and training rooms. Benefit from 24/7 high-speed internet, uninterrupted electricity, and secure parking lots.

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What do you want to know?

Our organization welcomes youth, women, and vulnerable groups, Lebanese and non-Lebanese, to diverse programs. These programs focus on entrepreneurship education, business support and skill training and aim to improve their chances of growth and success in a professional setting

You can learn about our upcoming activities on our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, X, and LinkedIn. For more personalized assistance, You  may visit our “Contact Us” page on the website to provide your information, and our team will promptly reach out to you, adding you to a dedicated WhatsApp group.

No, our work isn’t limited to particular age groups. We design our programs based on the needs of our target groups, ensuring inclusivity and relevance across various age ranges. This approach allows us to create meaningful opportunities for a diverse range of participants.
No, our organization does not provide direct cash support. Instead, we focus on providing valuable resources, training, and opportunities that empower individuals to build skills, enhance their knowledge, and create sustainable pathways towards success.