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About us

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Co-creating the Future of Rural Entrepreneurship
Collaborate, Innovate, Thrive​

Started in 2015 as an initiative to support rural youth and enhance theiremployability skills, RE has grown to be one of the very inspiring and trusted NGOsin rural Lebanon. The organization was officially registered as a non-profitorganization in 2017. It has active partnerships with reputable organizations such asUnicef Lebanon, UNDP Lebanon, Berytech, Lebanese League for Women in Business (LLWB), IDAL, and Vitas, the fact that allowed it to grow at a remarkably fast pace and diversify its programs and services to serve new groups such as rural women and M/SMEs in rural sectors, in addition to rural youth.

In 7 years, Rural Entrepreneurs succeeded in connecting more than 3000 youth in its forums, training 1000 on Social Entrepreneurship and more than 350 on digitalskills. It also provided training and coaching serving to more than 50 micro, smalland medium enterprises in different rural sectors.
The organization is powered by a large number of volunteers, ambassadors, mentors, and like-minded people from different areas and diversified backgrounds who work hand in hand to help it grow and reach its target audience.

Our Mission

Rural Entrepreneurs (RE) works to widen the prospects of employment in rural areas and enhance the capacity of youth, women, and vulnerable groups to learn, innovate and contribute to the social and economic development of their local communities. RE projects and activities aim to:Foster and promote entrepreneurial mindset and educationEstablish and operate sustainable innovation labs and shared spaces in rural areas. Build youth and women’s capacity to innovate and develop their own enterprises and initiatives. Mentor and support private initiatives, entrepreneurs, and startups in rural areas. Improve entrepreneurs’ access to productive resources and funding opportunities

Our Vision

Rural Entrepreneurs (RE) envisions dynamic, prosperous, and innovative rural communities that enable, inspire and empower youth, women, and vulnerable groups to build on their competencies, and create a better future.
Our vision is to build resilient communities in rural areas of Lebanon where women and youth. We envision a future where rural areas are hubs for innovation and entrepreneurship, with access to modern technology and markets. Through our work, we aim to contribute to the growth and prosperity creating a more equitable society where all individuals have the opportunity to reach their full potential.


Rural Entrepreneurs
is committed to SDGs

Our Board of Directors

Asmahan Zein
Haitham Saab
Ramy Boujawdeh
Lody Daou
Dr. Talal Jaber

Meet Our Team

Haitham Saab
GIL Lab Manager - Hasbaya Marjeyoun
Souhad Abou Zaki
Grants & Research Consultant
Samir Hamadeh
MEL & Admin Manager
Lora Thebian
Lab Manager - Shouf
Lama Salman
Lab Manager - Choueifat